Oldschool Game Of the Day: PC

Discover game that you possibly never played! Each day a different screenshot of an oldschool game, along with a brief explanation.

2018, October, 20

Baldur's Gate

This role-playing game based on AD&D rules was developed by BioWare and released in 1998 by Interplay Entertainment. In this game each character is in constant action, while the game can be paused at any time. The game is separated into seven chapters intercut with interludes of spoken dialogue. The player begins as a weak character, poorly equipped and without allies. As they progress through the game, players will discover new and more powerful weapons, armor, and spells, and can form a party of up to six characters, including the player character. Experience points, gained through completing quests and killing monsters, improve the abilities of the main character and other party members. This game received positive reviews from every major computer gaming publication and players at the time.

Source of brief explanation are mostly from Video game critic.